The 3×5 Plan: Part 4- Write It Down

I use an iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook laptop. Over the years I have used all three to take notes and keep up with my personal growth plan. However, what I found is that none of these tools are more effective than the act of writing something down. I did some more homework to verify if this was just another, “Scotty weird thing.”

New research shows the importance of writing things down. Brain imaging studies have shown writing causes greater brain activity called “Reticular Activity System.” When “RAS” is triggered by writing, it sends a signal to the cerebral cortex to focus on what a person deems as most important at that moment.

3x5 plan

Writing things down:

  • Improves memory

  • Makes a permanent record

  • Shows you are serious

  • Makes you more accountable

  • You can better work through thoughts that are written down



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