The Cost of Disengagement

When I am brought in to consult with an organization, much can be learned by attending a team meeting. During this meeting I will access:

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  • Energy

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Decision Making

  • Team Member Engagement

Many of these areas can be addressed and can improve, but when team member disengagement is present there is a greater problem. There are techniques to bring more energy and training to improve communication, collaboration, and decision making. Disengaged team members have quit but are still showing up to get a paycheck.

Statistics show as many as 65% of all employees are disengaged. Employee emotions drive disengagement. They are triggered by the attitudes, values, and beliefs of their leaders which in turn governs how the leaders treat their team members.

The cost of disengagement is huge! There are two choices:

  1. Create a culture in your organization where team members love what they do, feel valued, and are given opportunities to grow. This will help produce a fully engaged team member.

  2. Learn to recognize disengaged employees as soon as possible. Do not waste time or money trying to change them. Let them go where they have a chance to engage elsewhere.


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