Three Wins to Begin Each Day




Let me start out by saying that ultimately all our wins or victories come from the Lord. However, I do not believe God wants us to wait on the sidelines; He expects us to join Him and do our part. If you want to “win” each day, try the three ideas that follow:




Win #1 – Time with God

It is important to come into His presence each day by listening, praying and reading Scripture. It is also helpful to journal what God is saying to you.

Win #2 – Time for Reading

If you want to read 50 books a year, even an hour a day will not accomplish it. As you read, write down thoughts and ideas that you can use in everyday life, ministry or work.

Win #3 – Time for Exercise

Typically this includes thirty minutes of strength training and thirty minutes of cardio vascular training.


*I know you are thinking you do not have time each morning to do this but remember; you have time to do what is really important to you!


Beginning your day spending time with God, reading, and exercising will give you three wins that will make each day a good day. You will feel more confident and ready to face whatever comes your way.


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