What Does It Mean To Be An Authentic Leader? (Part 1)

scotty sanders



You cannot be an authentic leader unless you are your own person. I have known other leaders who were too responsive to the wishes of others. They had a hard time making difficult decisions for fear of offending. The advice I have given to thousands of leaders is to be you.




Being an Authentic Leader

  • Develop your own unique leadership style. Be consistent to your own personality. My wife and I have two very different styles of leadership and we both have had success in leading large groups of people.
  • Understanding your purpose is essential in order to be an authentic leader. If you lack purpose and direction in leading, why would anyone want to follow you? In order to find your purpose you must first understand yourself. What are you passionate about? Are there any underlying motivations? What stirs your soul?
  • An authentic leader is defined by their values and character. Integrity is the one value that is required in every authentic leader. If people cannot trust you, why would they follow you? There will be situations in which your values are challenged and you must make tough decisions in the context of your values.


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