What Makes My Dad A Success

papawSeveral weeks ago I asked my step-mom, Sara, what it was about my dad that made her want to marry him over 20 years ago. Sara is about 12 years younger, was a successful professor in college, was and still is very beautiful. Her answer was, “your dad is the best conversationalist I have ever met. He can talk with anyone.”

If you do not think interpersonal skills are important, think again! Being able to get along with others is very significant, but making other people feel respected and heard is definitely the next level.

My dad is 76 years old and still works full time selling insurance. This past year he was the #2 salesperson in his company of 1,000 people. He was not happy to be #2 so he wants to meet with the top person to learn how to become better. It is just my dad’s personality to search for ways to improve.

My dad’s friends marvel at how close he is to his family. Over the years I have had people tell me they wish their family was as close. He has been the glue to help us remain together.

So here is the takeaway for each of us.
• Learn to be an excellent conversationalist.
• Ask good questions, listen, and be transparent and real.
• Do not take yourself too seriously.
• Learn to laugh more.
• Have a genuine caring attitude towards others.
• Do not think too highly of yourself.

My dad has given me some great examples to strive for and interpersonal relationships may be the most important. Today you will have a very hard time being successful if you do not know how to work well with others. It is not too late to make a change!

For my dad, Louis Sanders


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