Workshops & Breakout Sessions

Round out your next event with a series of professional workshops and breakout sessions by Scotty Sanders. Sessions range from 60  minutes to 3 hours, and cover a wide variety of personal and professional development topics including…

  • Quest of the Keys (3 hours)
  • Bridge the GAP (3 hours)
  • Developing a Team Code of Honor (3 hours)
  • E! Guest Services (3 hours)
  • Developing Your Personal Success Plan (1 hour)
  • 7 Steps to Integrity (1 hour)
  • Less is More (90 minutes)
  • Develop Your Delegation Skills (90 minutes)

What to expect from Scotty Sanders

  • Quick responses to your calls and emails.
  • A personal phone consultation prior to your event. This will enable me to serve you better.
  • A custom hand out for notes and suggested resources.
  • An evaluation tool to make sure I met your expectations. Your feedback will also help me to improve.

A Brief Overview of Scotty’s Sessions

Quest of the Keys

Learn the Eight Keys of leading yourself in this highly entertaining and engaging workshop. You will be challenged to follow Eight Keys to personal growth through group exercises and individual follow up assignments. Scotty’s book recommendations will also be provided to reinforce continued growth and reflection.

Bridge the GAP

Why do some companies succeed and some simply maintain? The answers are probably more basic than you think and Scotty helps you start building a bridge to excellence using the 7 Pillars of Potential.

Team Code of Honor

Successful teams have a “code” they follow. In this workshop you will learn how to work with your team in a collaborative way to develop your own “code” as you determine the HOW is much more important than the WHAT.

E! Guest Services

For companies in the retail, hospitality, dining and entertainment industries, first impressions are absolutely crucial. Research shows most customers will decide whether or not to return to your establishment within the first 10 minutes of their very first visit – and guest services will make the difference.

Personal Success Plan

No plan is still a plan, it’s just the worst plan you can have. Successful people expect, plan and prepare for success, and Scotty gives you a brilliantly simple blueprint to develop your own personal success plan.

7 Steps to Integrity

As a leader you must build integrity with your team members and your customers. In this fast-paced workshop, Scotty presents seven powerful steps that will assist any leader in gaining the trust of others.

Less Is More

What if you could do less and accomplish more? Believe it or not you can; and in fact this is standard operating procedure for many of today’s most successful and influential people. With Scotty’s help, you will discover powerful principles in leading an effective and sustainable life in a simpler and more effective way.

Develop Your Delegation Skills

Delegation is talked about and encouraged but seldom do leaders actually train on how to delegate effectively.  In this session, Scotty applies years of hard-learned lessons on delegation to help you successful hand-off the right projects, to the right resources, in the right way, to get the results you expect.


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