Studies show that many people struggle with low self-confidence. Not having confidence can lead to bad habits, anxiety and even depression.

Here are three steps to improve your self-confidence:


1.  Healthy living – No doubt that you will have more self-confidence when you feel better and look better. I have worked with many leaders to help them in this area of their life and one of the responses I hear over and over is, “I feel so much more confident.”


2.  A plan for the day. Most people live each day with the No Plan.” It is a plan, just the worst plan you can have. When you have a plan for the day, your self-confidence will soar. One reason is that it gives you a competitive advantage over 99% of the people in the world. For this reason, I developed my “Life on a 3 X 5system. It is a daily plan of success that only takes 10 minutes a day.


3.  Invest. Invest in yourself with coaching, books, digital courses, etc. Watch your confidence soar as you make learning a priority in your life. The best investment I have ever made is in myself. Invest in others. To help someone, you only have to be one chapter ahead of them. 


These three simple steps will improve your self-confidence starting today! So, what are you waiting on?

Start by determining what your purpose on this earth is. Download and use my free guide to help.