Mike & Mica Shed 80lbs Together

Mike and Mica lost over 80 pounds together in 100 days! Doing it together helped them stay focused and prepared and create better habits with their three children.

  • Mike lost 47 pounds
  • Mica lost 34 pounds
  • Sleep apnea relieved
  • More energy
  • Lower cholesterol
  • From XXL to L
  • Clearer skin
  • Down multiple pant sizes
  • Fewer cravings

Mica: I haven’t been able to lose weight without cutting carbs since high school. Until this, it’s impossible to deny the quality of my habits with how much better I felt within just a few days. If we can do it with two busy careers and three busy kids, anybody can!

Mike: I put on quite a bit of weight in 2020 during the quarantine, and my sleep quality and energy were low. Within weeks, I was sleeping soundly (without a cpap) and full of energy! If you’re dedicated enough to do a “strict diet,” why not commit to a program that benefits your health long-term?!