Tim is now in the top 1-2% for health

Tim began his journey with us in January 2021 and has never looked back.

He was able to lose 25 pounds and avoid medication by lowering his cholesterol. At his most recent physical, the doctor commented that Tim is in the top 1-2% range for health for his age group.

Now, Tim enjoys physical activity and his jogging time has improved by two minutes a mile since this way of life began. His favorite thing is to hop on the scale and find his metabolic age in the 30s!

Tim says this has become a lifestyle choice for him. Going into the coaching program, he was concerned that it would be hard, and most would return to the usual way of eating. However, his health and mindset impact is too profound to go back to the old way of life. Tim is truly grateful for Scotty’s coaching and feels like this program has added years to his life. He can now have an active lifestyle that includes keeping up with his eight grandchildren (7 of which are active little boys)!