Living your best, with no regrets!


Feeling Overwhelmed?


Take 1% of each day to plan the other 99%
You’ll be amazed how productive you can be!


Realize you DO have enough time to accomplish what's important

Lock into a consistent daily activity that improves productivity

Focus on and celebrate the gains they achieve, rather than gaps that remain

Finally, discover the incredible value of setting and achieving goals

When you own your story, you get to write the ending.

We hear it all too often, and unfortunately, it’s often true.

Less than 1% of us greet each day with a framework for success. Instead, most people are characterized by continually jumping from one ‘urgent’ matter to the next in a frantic effort to get things done. Clearly, ‘no plan’ is a plan. It’s just the worst possible plan anyone could have.

Scotty Sanders has been successfully training leaders to lead well for nearly 40 years. He’s compressed all that experience into a genuinely effective protocol known as ‘Life On A 3×5’ that anyone can embrace to begin leading themselves well – from boardroom executives to students to moms on a mission!

The Life on a 3×5 Keynote address will help your attendees transform from “crazy busy” into “super productive” with immediate takeaways and a simple daily ritual they can easily knock out in around 10 minutes. 

Who needs a framework for daily success? Everyone – because we’re ALL running 100mph these days!

So why not take 1% of each day to plan the other 99%, with Scotty Sanders’ Life on a 3×5 program? Your attendees will be simply amazed at how efficient and productive the other 99% of their day can be!



The 3 “R’s” of Self Leadership

The Three Weapons That Will Defeat “If Only . . .”

How to Eliminate Doubts and Silence Doubters

The Power of Large Dreams

Live life with no regrets.

An “If Only…” mindset has become an epidemic. Millions of people live each day in the past—filled with regret. Through a powerful and inspiring experience, Scotty Sanders will share how an “If Only” life can become a changed life.

The content rich keynote, “If Only…” is motivational, instructional, challenging, and an exciting experience for any audience.



The Perspective Anchor™ Mind-shift

How to Discover Your Purpose

How to Unlock Your Potential

The Importance of Prioritizing

Why Good People Skills Matter

When you own your story, you get to write the ending.

We live in a world where personal responsibility does not exist. We make excuses, blame our circumstances or other people, and don’t own the results. By mastering a few timeless leadership principles, you can take control of the success in your life.

Scotty Sanders’ best-selling book Quest of the Keys is the basis for his keynote “Build Your House.” It is perfect for people who want to improve, take ownership in their personal growth, and live a successful life.

The content-rich keynote, “Build Your House” is a motivational, instructional, challenging, and exciting experience for the audience.

Helping you realize your dreams and accomplish your goals is absolutely important to me. I have helped thousands of people discover how they can live a life of no regrets and realize their greatest dreams. In fact, that is my mission in life. It would be my honor to serve your organization through my keynotes or workshops.

My goal is to see people grow in character and leadership, and I believe a focal point in our education system should be personal development. “Quest of the Keys” sprang from my passion to encourage and empower the next generation to live well, and it has impacted the lives of tens-of-thousands of children nationwide.

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The Multiplier Effect

Lead Well: Skills Every Leader Needs

People Skills: The Silver Bullet to Success

Resolving Conflict

Exceptional Guest Services

Flexible, focused and fun. 

Looking to add value and variety to your next corporate event? Scotty offers an array of presentation options from advanced leadership seminars to engaging breakout sessions.

Have a particular leadership topic you’d like covered? Scotty has been training executives, teams and organizations worldwide for nearly 20 years. Odds are high that he can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

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