Mastering the Five Levers of Leadership

by | Jan 14, 2024 | Article, Leadership, Video

Ever wondered what makes a really awesome leader? Well, leaders have these cool qualities that help them do a fantastic job. Let’s dive into these five important levers:

1.  Being Honest & Trustworthy (Super Important!)

Think of being honest and trustworthy, like being a good friend. When leaders are honest, everyone trusts them more. This trust makes everything run smoothly in a team.

2. Knowing Your Stuff (Being Really Good at Your Job!)

Leaders need to know what they’re doing, right? That’s what knowing your stuff means. It’s like being good at your job so everyone feels confident following your lead.

3.  Thinking Outside the Box (Being Creative!)

Have you ever thought of a different way to solve a problem? That’s creativity! It’s like having a superpower that helps you develop with new ideas. When you’re creative, you can find solutions, even when things are tricky.

4.  Teamwork (Working Together is the Best!)

You know how much fun it is when everyone works together? That’s teamwork! It means using everyone’s ideas and skills to get things done. Good leaders know how to make everyone feel important. 

5.  Believing in Yourself (Feeling Confident!)

Imagine if superheroes were scared of using their powers. Believing in yourself is like wearing a superhero cape—it makes everyone around you feel strong too! When leaders believe in themselves, the team feels ready to face anything.

So, which of these five qualities do you think you’re really good at? And which one do you think you can get better at? Maybe you’re a great team player, but you want to try more new ideas. It’s good to know what you’re good at and what you want to learn more about.

Now, think about using all five qualities together. It’s like having all the best skills at once. You become a super leader—able to tackle anything and guide your team to success!

Do you want to learn more about being an awesome leader? Check out my free tool, the Purpose Accelerator, and become an even better leader. 

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