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1- Poor

2- Average

3- Excellent


1. Do nothing to establish a friendly rapport with others.


2. Focus on what is wrong with others.


3. Be preoccupied with your own responsibilities.


4. Never give an unrestricted compliment; (use the words “except or but”).


5. Compare people with one another (or yourself) in a negative manner.


6. When someone mentions a personal success, “one-up” them with an example of what you have done.  


7. If someone disagrees with one of your ideas, be sure to make them understand how stupid their idea is.


8. Interrupt people before they finish a thought or an idea.


9. Never admit a mistake, regardless of how obvious.


10. Hold others to a set of impossibly high standards.


11. Never change your opinion about anything: it’s a sign of weakness.

12. Let your rules be more important than relationships.


30-36 Keep up the Good Work

20-29 Solid but Needs Work

12-19 Lots Of Upside


How are you doing? Would others on your team agree with your score? Remember, there is always room for improvement!

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