41: What Greatness Looks Like

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Last week, President George Hubert Walker Bush “41” passed away. Hearing all the tributes to this man inspired me to write this article.

41: What Greatness Looks Like:



• He married his high school sweetheart and took care of her until she died 9 months ago. The couple could be seen watching TV reruns while holding hands. He was dedicated to his wife, Barbara.

• When his son George W. became President, he did not offer him advice, but rather his unconditional love.

He was a committed son, husband, and father.



It was said of 41:

• He gave credit to others for successes and took the blame for failures.

• He never came across as arrogant.

He was a true gentleman.



A Story Of 41: on the night he was elected President. He and his wife Barbara were at a friend’s home having dinner while watching the election returns. When it was announced he had won, it was time to head the convention center for the victory celebration Before leaving; the friends found George clearing the dishes from the table.

 He was a true servant.




There were no scandals while he was in office. The people who worked closely with 41 quoted him saying, “We will do what is best for the country regardless of political fallout.” He always tried to do the right thing in the right way.

 His integrity was intact.



Arguably no one was more qualified to be President of the United States:

• He became the youngest Navy Pilot at the time; flew 58 combat missions


• In World War II and was shot down in the Pacific Ocean


• He graduated from Yale, was the Captain of the baseball team and played in the first two College World Series


• Began an oil company which became very successful


• He was a Congressman from Texas


• He was an Ambassador of the United Nations


• He was the Chairman of the Republican National Committee


• He was the Chief Liaison of the US to China


• He was the Director of the CIA


• He was the Vice-President of the US


• He was elected the 41st President of the US


There were many incredible accomplishments as President after he was in office.


He realized his potential.




1. Nothing is more important than the love I show my family.


2. No matter my success stay humble.


3. My position of leadership is to serve more people.


4. My integrity is more important than being successful or making people happy.


5. Always learn and grow so that I am qualified for the opportunity that comes.


What lessons can learn from the life of 41?

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