6 Steps to Achievable Goals

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Goals, Personal Development

How many times have you heard that success is all about setting goals? It may come as no surprise to learn there is a lot more to success than just setting your goals. 

Here are 6 Steps to Achievable Goals:


1.  What is a goal?

A goal is a target that is achievable in measurable, attainable steps. A goal is a desire, a wish, or a need achievable by actions you can take. However, it is more than a mere wish or desire. 


2.  How to set a goal?

A goal can relate to any desire, wish, or need achievable by actions you can take.  


3.  What actions are required?

Goals require actions on your part. You first need to decide what action is necessary to achieve the goal. Your first action is to write your goals down. 


4.  Analyze the results. 

Next, you need to analyze and work out how you will accomplish each individual goal in detail.


5.  What steps do I need to take today?

Every day ask yourself, “What steps do I need to take today?”


6.  Review your achievements every week and month. 

Every week review your progress for the week. Check what you’ve done and what you may have missed. Then, adjust your plan for the next week or month. 

To learn more about how to set goals and to achieve them, go to lifeona3x5.com.


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