7 Failure Factors

by | May 9, 2020 | Article

Everyone has failures.  We take risks and we can fail.  We learn and grow from failures.  What we don’t want is self-inflicted failure.  These are some essentials that help you mitigate failure.  Many times when we see failure, the person might be lacking in one of these essentials.



In a study researching the top leadership characteristics, integrity was in the top 90%.  Integrity is doing the right thing the right way regardless of the circumstances.   It is very hard to recover when you have violated your integrity.


Confidence is good, but it can become a weakness.  Not being humble can lead to over-confidence.  Over- confident leaders tend to take excessive risk and not be prepared.  When people are humble, others will go out of their way to help them.  Humility is having a teachable spirit, admitting mistakes and learn from your mistakes.


Do you ever remember a sports coach saying, “Let’s hustle”?  Hustle indicates a level of speed and energy.  If you hustle in life, you take the initiative.  You don’t wait for things to happen; you make things happen.  It’s a failure waiting to happen if you just sit back and wait for things to come your way.  Your hustle drives the success of your life.


Grit is courage and resolve.  You don’t quit because of what people might think.  Life is going to be tough at times and you need grit to keep you going when success could be right around the corner.


If you aren’t exciting about what you are doing, that can be a failure factor.  The most successful people are passionate, enthusiastic and love what they are doing; they are able to inspire others.

The Why

Know why you are doing something.  “The why” is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.

Take Extreme Ownership

Whatever you lead, take personal responsibility.  Don’t blame others or make excuses.  If you want to be a leader, when things go well give credit to others on your team.

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