A Case Study: A Tale of Two Companies

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Article


My purpose is to live, lead and finish well. Part of leading is to help others. I hope this case study will help you!



Company A

Six years ago an Owner/President bought a company with annual sales of $2.5 million with a projected sales for 2019 of $25 million.


Company B

In five years this company has gone from approximately $3 million to $6 million.

One company is healthy, and the other is dying. Both have had a significant increase in revenue.


There are three non-negotiables to be successful in business long term:

1. Winning Team
2. Winning Processes
3. Winning Product


Winning Team (This is my specialty) Healthy Culture

A. Multiplier (Developer vs. Doer)
B. Guiding Principles (How we work together)
C. Healthy Conflict Resolution
D. Trust
E. Accountability (No bad behavior/bad attitude) You must produce.


Winning Processes

A. Salary Administration Process (Compensation, Hiring, Firing, Evaluation,
B. Budget Process
C. Sales Process
D. Customer Care Process


Winning Product

A. Quality (I would rather defend my price than have to apologize for poor quality)
B. Value
C. Meets a Need
D. Competitive



Company A


My primary focus has been to develop a Winning Team. They have an incredible culture.

Here is how I would rate them:

Winning Team – A
Winning Processes – C (This has become a major focal point)
Winning Product – B


Company B


My primary focus is only in one area – Coaching the Sales Director. The sales and marketing team are very close and work well together.


Here is how I would rate the entire company:

Winning Team – D-
Winning Processes – B
Winning Product – A-

Company B is fighting for its survival because creating a winning team has been ignored for too long.


A company can have a Winning Product and Winning Processes, but without a Winning Team, it will eventually fail.

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