Alignment Before Assignment

by | Oct 30, 2021 | Business Development

The vast majority of organizations never discuss alignment when hiring people. Will the potential hire align with:

1.  The company’s mission

2.  The culture

3.  Values

4.  Philosophy 

A job description details the assignment of a new hire. But without alignment with the organization, it is hard for the person to succeed in their job.

That is why Alignment comes before Assignment!

Over the years, I have hired highly productive people who became toxic because they did not align with the company’s values. Or they did not get along well with teammates because they did not align with our culture. I could go on.

Ask yourself, do you feel there is good alignment in your present job? If you are an employee, do you align well? If you own the business, do your employees align well?

My years of leading organizations tell me, Alignment before Assignment.

A Couple of Suggestions

1.  Before you take a new job or hire a new team member, discuss the company’s mission, values, culture and philosophy.

2.  Be clear that the job/employee is a good fit.

Remember, Alignment before Assignment.


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