Are You A Grateful Person?

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Gratitude

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. I enjoy the family gatherings and great food, but the best thing about the day is taking time to be thankful. Take a minute right now and think about what you are thankful for.

Thankful and grateful are considered synonymous. However, being grateful carries more meaning. Saying “thank you” is being polite. We end our emails with “thanks.”  Saying, “I am grateful for you,” necessitates we are affected by another person.

An added plus is that grateful people live longer, are happier, and are more fun to be around.

Here is a fun acrostic for GRATITUDE:

G       Give people grace.

R       Everyone likes to be recognized.

A       Show people your appreciation.

T        Tell people, “Thank you!”

I         Be involved in people’s lives.

T        Give of your time.

U       Be understanding.

D       Don’t take others for granted.

E        Always encourage.


Happy Thanksgiving week!

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