Are You an Affirmer or Evaluator?

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Relationships

I recently read the book; Balcony People written by Joyce Landorf. It describes the difference between two types of people: Affirmers and Evaluators.

Generally, evaluators are judgmental and critical, always looking for the negative in others.


  • Love from the heart – they love with honor and respect. There is no room for a critical and judgmental attitude. 
  • Listen from the heart – they are always searching for ways to improve their hearing. Evaluators are always talking. 
  • Affirmers care from the heart; they look for ways to help others. On the other hand, evaluators only care out of self-interest.  

What did I learn from reading this book? To love from the heart, listen from the heart, and care from the heart. I have lots of work to do but this would be a great legacy! Let’s commit to becoming affirmers. 

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