Several years ago, I was asked to give an Executive Coaching Proposal for a $250,000,000 company.  The proposal I presented was $100,000 over two years. The CEO and COO called for a meeting; asking me to speak at a leadership event in a couple of weeks. It was clear that my performance at this event would determine the two-year agreement.


Why Always Giving Your Best Matters




1. Be Passionate About What You Do

For me, unless I am passionate about what I am doing, it will never be my best.


2. Prepare and then Prepare Some More

When I am giving a talk or leading a meeting, my preparation time is extensive.


3. Your Reputation Is On the Line

People have short memories when it comes to your performance. It does not matter how you did on the last project, speech, or book.


4. You Never Know the People You Might Impact

These are the moments I realize what I do matters; a teenager tells me how much my book or talk changed them or the Human Resources Director of a $30m company tells me I challenged her to lead better.



If I did not give my best, I would not have landed that client. More importantly, the big takeaway for me is that now I approach everything I do like a $100K speech.