Beyond the Numbers: True Leadership in Followership

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Holidays, Priorities, Relationships

In the realm of followers, some insights get our attention. A glimpse at social media might point to Cristiano Ronaldo, with 517 million followers; Justin Bieber, 455 million; and Ariana Grande, 428 million. But look beyond the metrics; an exceptional figure, Jesus, surpasses them all with 2.6 billion followers!


Jesus stands apart from all the celebrities or so-called “famous” people. His influence transcends mere numbers, affecting all of history. Christmas is an occasion universally celebrated, honoring His birth. His extraordinary story finds its home in the Bible, a book that has touched countless lives, with over 1,815 billion copies sold.


The essence of leadership is not about earthly fame but fostering devotion that spans centuries, uniting hearts in purpose. Jesus epitomizes this leadership through His enduring impact. 


As Christmas approaches, if you don’t follow Jesus, you should discover why so many people do. 


Wishing you a season filled with reflection and growth. Merry Christmas!

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