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What is coach-ability? It is the willingness to receive feedback and the ability to improve. Notice it is not simply receiving feedback but the ability to improve.

To break it down further, you may be open to feedback but may lack the ability to improve. That is why it is so important to keep working on your skills so that you do have the ability to improve.


Ways to Improve Your Coach-Ability 

1.  Receive feedback as a positive, not a negative.

2.  Ask questions, when given feedback don’t get defensive. By asking questions it shows you want to improve.

3.  Be willing to learn from more experienced people. This shows humility and wisdom.

4.  Seek constructive feedback on your own. Nothing shows coach-ability like initiative.

5.  Take action to implement feedback. Without effort on your part, it is just lip service.


Coach-ability is one of the most important traits of successful people.


Taking the initiative in personal development will increase your ability to improve when needed. My Life on a 3×5 ( digital course is a great resource to help you become Super Productive without being Crazy Busy.


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