Confidence through Competence

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Article

If you want to be a confident leader, you have to be a competent person.

Be an Expert

Wherever you are in your field of expertise or your work, you must know your job well. Be known as an expert in what you do. When you have the competence and can be the go-to person, it gives everyone around you confidence in your abilities.

Confidence in Your Vision

You need to be able to articulate the big picture; the why of your vision.  This allows others to know where you are leading them and gives them confidence you have a plan to get there.

Always be Learning

You need to devote yourself to being a committed lifelong learner. If you want to become a confident expert in your field, never stop growing.


If you want to build confidence, you have to be a competent person. You can do that; it’s a matter of commitment. If you commit to an hour or two a day, you can become an expert in just a few years. It may take some time, but you can do it!

Remember to live, lead, and finish well!

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