Creating Margin in Your Life

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Personal Development, Priorities

What does it mean to have “Margin in life?”


Margin is the space between our load and our limits: our reserves. It is the opposite of overload.


Ways to Create Margin


1.  Be intentional: control your schedule.

2.  Learn to say NO!

3.  Define and defend boundaries: it is not selfishness but self-care.

4.  Simplify your life: Practice less is more (margin).

5.  Create buffer zones: Free time in your schedule.

6.  Ruthlessly eliminate hurry: Hurry usually eats into your margin and is dysfunctional.

7.  Creating Margin in Physical Energy: Healthy Nutrition + Exercise + Healthy Sleep Patterns.

Let me challenge you to focus on one of the seven ways to increase margin in your life. Then, move to the next one on the list once you have that one down. Any step forward is a WIN!

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