Embracing Challenges: The Problem Is Not the Problem

by | Dec 2, 2023 | Gratitude, Leadership, Personal Development, Video

“We all have problems. The problem is your attitude, perspective, and mindset about your problems.”


Let me give you an example I see firsthand. My wife, Cindy, has battled a rare autoimmune disease for 15 years. Despite over 100 surgical procedures and debilitating central vertigo, she refuses to let her circumstances define her. Instead, she exemplifies the leadership adage: “The Problem is not the Problem.”


Cindy’s journey is a testament to resilience. She didn’t just overcome adversity; she thrived within it. She co-authored four of my books and wrote two of her own. Cindy also helped me launch two non-profits reaching millions worldwide – her accomplishments came from an unwavering mindset. We all experience problems, but our response determines our path.


Shift your perspective on problems, and transformation follows. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow – personally and professionally. 


To recalibrate your mindset:

  • Expectation Matters: Anticipate challenges as integral to progress.
  • Growth in Disguise: Problems are catalysts for personal and professional development.
  • Empathy’s Evolution: Struggles foster compassion for others.
  • Elevated Thinking: Challenges dare us to ascend to greater cognitive levels.


Remember, the core issue isn’t the challenge but the lens through which we view it. A leadership principle resonates: “The Problem is not the Problem.” Just as Cindy transformed her struggles for good, so can you.

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