Five E’s For Execution

by | Aug 8, 2020 | Article


Working with many organizations throughout the years, I have found they struggle with executions; getting things completed and done on time.  Here are five things to help you execute at an expert level.


You must bring passion to any project in which you are involved.  There should be a level of commitment on your end and involvement of others to complete your goal. Remember, having a relationship with others is key in working together on a project.


You have to be very clear to those who are part of your project.  Do you have a clear vision?  Good communication and clarity are essential.


Make sure the expectations are clear to all of those involved.  Be clear on the quality you expect, the budget to complete the project, and the deadline.


Empower people you work with and give them the resources to execute the plan.  Have them keep you updated along the way, but do not micro-manage.


Learn by evaluating your experience to get better.  Ask questions:  What went well?  What needs to change?  What do we need to eliminate?  What is missing?  What was confusing?


 As you use these 5 “E’s” of execution, you will see relationships, communication, and productivity improvements.

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