Five Surprising Time Wasters

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Priorities

Time Waster #1





You waste time when worrying about:

Past failures or mistakes

What people think

Tomorrow, next week and next month

Time Waster #2

Planning for the Future


There is nothing wrong with planning for the future but don’t obsess about it. Planning is an inexact science. Don’t be hard and fast about your predictions.

Time Waster #3

Focusing on Getting Rich


There are a lot of books, seminars and podcasts on how to get rich. Shift your focus to helping people. Making someone’s life better is never a waste of time.

Time Waster #4

Comparing Yourself to Others


Don’t fall into this total time waster! You will find yourself being prideful or discouraged and both of these are also a waste of time. Use your time toward becoming the best version of you.

Time Waster #5

Increasing Your List of Enemies


Bitterness and resentment towards others is a time drain. Don’t be so easily offended; give people the benefit of the doubt.

People who hurt you don’t need your energy.

Think about how much time you spend on these Five Time Wasters and redirect your time to something positive!

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