Four Nails in an Organization’s Coffin

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Business Development, Leadership

Let’s face it, most organizations do not survive long term.  In fact, 96% don’t make it to 10 years.

Rather than stating the obvious reasons organizations do not make it, such as profits or products, there are dangers you should look for.  


Four Nails in the Coffin:

1. Not willing to change 

When fear of change, tradition, or even pride prevents you from changing, you are one step closer to the graveyard.


2.  Lack of vision

The team does not have a clear picture of where they are going. Without a vision that excites, good people will jump ship.


3.  Toxic team culture

This nail is a big one for me. Organizations hire me to fix their culture. 

  • Clarity

  • Conflict

  • Cohesive


4.  Poor Leadership

You want leaders who are humble, hungry, and smart.



Consider these four nails and ask which ones apply to your organization.



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