Friendly Fire

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Article


Friendly fire is fire coming from one’s own side.  This situation is seen in the workplace when a co-worker is angry and starts rumors or goes to a supervisor instead of directly to their peer.  Friendly fire is hurtful and causes disunity in organizations or relationships.


When you are upset with a fellow team member, what should you do?

Go directly to the team member

Communicate clearly your issue

Seek understanding without being accusatory

Make your goal to restore the relationship


When you are the person being confronted by another team member, what should you do?

Thank the person for coming to you


Do not get defensive

Say your are sorry/make it right

When you are the supervisor, and a team member comes to you about someone else, what do you do?

Direct them to the person they have a problem with (unless it is illegal or unethical)

Let them know you will be glad to discuss the issue/concern with them after they have met with the person; however, the meeting will include everyone

Support them

Friendly Fire will be fuel for disunity in any organization. Stop it now!

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