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My Mother was busy with raising four boys, but in her spare time, she loved to garden. Her specialty was roses. Here are some lessons I learned about leadership as I watched my Mom tend her garden:


1. My Mom was passionate about growing roses.

-She loved watching their progress.

-She loved their beauty.

Leadership Principle #1 – Passion is the fuel for leadership.


2. My Mom protected her roses from the outside forces (mostly four sons who played a lot of ball in the front yard).


Leadership Principle #2 – Leaders care for the ones they lead.


3. My Mom supported her roses by fertilizing, watering and spraying for insects.


Leadership Principle #3 – A leader’s job is to resource the team for success.


4. My Mom knew when it was time to prune the roses.


Some branches are sick and not going to make it.


Leadership Principle #4 – Not everyone on the team will make it, and you must make the tough decisions.


5. My Mom knew how to let the healthy rose buds blossom.

Don’t overdo the nurturing. Too much touching, watering, fertilizer, or bug spray will eventually kill the buds.


Leadership Principle #5 – Micromanagement is a sickness.


How are you doing on your “gardening” skills?


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