How I Slay the Day: My Morning Routine

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Personal Development, Success

Most people begin their day with no plan, much less an attitude to slay the day.

Here is an example of my morning routine (most days):

  • Wake up around 5:30 AM

  • Begin with prayer (for you, it could be meditation)

  • Bible Reading

  • Life on a 3×5 Card (this is my secret weapon)

  • Study

  • Exercise (45 minutes in the morning/45 minutes in the late afternoon)

  • Shower and dress

  • Review emails and take care of any follow-ups

  • My first meeting is usually not before 9:00 AM

My Weapons to Slay the Day

  • Clothes out the night before

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Study to improve

  • Have a plan for the day

  • Exercise my body

  • A mindset of I “get to” not “have to.”


What is your plan to slay your day?


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