How To Be Extraordinary: The Fred Factor Principles

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Article

How can you be extraordinary? Follow these principles from Fred the Postman:


1. Everyone Can Make a Difference. 


No one can prevent you from being exceptional.


2. Success is Built on Relationships. 


Treat fellow team members with dignity and respect. The quality of the relationship determines the quality of the work.

Treat your customers with care. Don’t make it transactional, but relational.


3. You Must Continually Create Value for Others, and It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Penny.


Replace money for imagination.


4. You Can Reinvent Yourself Regularly. 


Get creative. Get out of your rut. Find ways to WOW people. If Fred the Postman can do it, so can you.

You can make your life anything you choose.



Which of these 4 FRED FACTOR PRINCIPLES do you need the most work?


*Adapted from the book Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn.


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