How to Handle Criticism

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Personal Development

Today we live in a world of critics. It can be at work, at home, or on social media.


There is nothing unnatural about criticism. If you are a leader, it comes with the territory.


I want to offer what I would like to consider the best and most creative way to handle it.


Basic Ground Rules on Handling Criticism

1.  Don’t immediately reject criticism.

This could lead to arrogance and deception. 


2.  Don’t be discouraged by criticism. 

Keep the criticism in the proper perspective. 


3.  Don’t be demoralized by criticism.

Demoralization is a step further down the track of discouragement. If you become demoralized, you can become tempted to take an unethical or unprincipled course of action to get yourself off the hook.


4.  Don’t be ruled by criticism.

Sometimes we can be tempted to yield to criticism and alter plans for the sake of peace and making people happy.


5.  Don’t personalize criticism.

Be careful not to take criticism as an attack on your integrity, character, or capability.


6.  Seek to discover the reason behind the criticism.

Often a criticism or the way it is expressed does not represent the real problem but is only a symptom of the real issue.



Remember these basic ground rules the next time criticism comes your way! 

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