How to Make Time an Asset

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Leadership, Personal Development

Time will either become an asset or a liability.
You make time an asset when you have discipline in your life.
Examples of how time becomes an asset: 
1.  Study
Most people discontinue studying after they complete their formal education. However, when study is a discipline, time becomes an asset. Why? Because most people don’t study. Start with 2-3 hours a week and work up to 10. 
2.  Healthy Living
By making healthy living a discipline, you can’t reverse aging, but you will feel better as you age. Health is the new wealth!
3.  Money
Discipline in your finances becomes an asset. Exercising discipline with money allows you to give to causes you believe in and not have the stress (liability) of being unable to pay your bills. Then, if you choose, retire early and comfortably.
Make time an asset in your life! Incorporate a few simple disciplines and watch your life change.
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