How To Multiply Time

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Personal Development, Video

You have heard it said, “You can’t make more time.” Or can you?

I believe there are things you can do to produce more time in the future and things you can do to double your time now.

Multiply Time Practices

I practice three disciplines as part of my daily plan, (The Secret to Becoming Ultra-Productive). 

My coach, Rory Vaden, says it this way, “You give yourself permission to work on things today that create more time in the future.”

  1.  Study

Every hour I spend studying today gives me more time in the future (Example: Ritz-Carlton Housekeeper). I spend a minimum of 10 hours a week studying.

       2.  Write/Create Content

When I write, it multiplies time for me because it can last for years. When I create content by writing it can be repurposed and used on multiple platforms.

  1. Weekly videos
  2. Training sessions (4-6 a year)
  3. Books (Cindy and I have written six between us)
  4. Digital Courses (4)
  5. Curriculum for schools
  6. Movie Script

       3.  Healthy Living

Eat clean, work out, have good sleep habits, drink plenty of water, have a positive mindset, use supplements, and avoid bad habits.

  • Years of additional health-span
  • Few sick days
  • Feeling better makes you more productive. 

        4.  2x Time

This is different from multitasking. When doing things such as driving, working out, or waiting, use this time to study. I spend most of my study time (10 hours a week) working out. That is why I call it 2X Time. 

Follow these Four Practices and watch your time multiply!


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