How to Spot a Micromanager

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Business Development, Leadership, Personal Development, Relationships, Video

In my professional career, I only worked with a micromanager once; trust me, that was enough! Have you ever heard the saying, “You couldn’t pay me a $1M to do that?” Well, you couldn’t pay me $1M to work with a micromanager again. 

A micromanager wants to control all aspects of a person’s work. They may have good intentions but tend to be prideful. Also, I believe they have a personality disorder.

How to Spot a Micromanager 

  1. They tell employees exactly how to do things which allows no creativity, originality, or initiative.
  2.  They resist delegating work.
  3.  They demand detailed weekly reports from their employees.
  4. They are rarely satisfied with employee’s performance.
  5. They have an unusually high turnover of employees.

The root issue with micromanagers may be pride, but they tend to hide it well.

Before you take that new job, do your homework. 

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