Leading Well

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Article

The greatest leadership strategy in the world is leading yourself well.


Read the following behaviors to Lead Well:



1. People who lead well are transformational.

They walk their talk.


2. People who lead well cast vision and focus on the big picture.

People want to know the direction they are heading.


3. People who lead well are eyes on, but hands-off.

They do not micromanage but pay attention to what is happening.


4. People who lead well are collaborative leaders.

Feedback, buy-in, and teamwork is essential.


5. People who lead well make relationships a priority.

They treat others well.


6. People who lead well are trustworthy.

You can count on them to keep their word and follow through on commitments.


After reading these behaviors, do you consider yourself to be “leading well?”

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