Learning Correlations to Earning

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Leadership, Personal Development, Success, Video

I am fairly certain that most people would like to increase what they earn. Two factors that hold people back are overwhelm and continued learning. When you are overwhelmed, you are in survival mode. You are just trying to get through the day. My Life on a 3×5 Success Framework helps people with overwhelm. Learning is a different animal altogether – this is what I want to cover in this video.

I believe you increase the potential of your earnings by the amount of time you spend learning.

Ways Learning Correlates to Earnings

  1. Learning multiplies time. Spending an hour learning can be worth 5x, 10x in the future. 
  2. Learning adds new skills, which makes you more valuable. 
  3. Learning increases your confidence. 
  4. Learning keeps you relevant. Don’t become the person with one year’s experience repeated over fifteen years. 
  5. Learning can easily translate into developing vs. doing. Developers typically earn much more than a “doer.”


The main reason people don’t spend time learning is that they are in a state of overwhelm. Would you like to conquer overwhelm? Check out my Life on a 3×5 digital course.  

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