Life Lessons I Learned from a Marine Colonel

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Article

One of my dear friends is Marine Colonel Tim Cole. He calls me his mentor, but I see it as the other way around. Tim serves as the Vice Chairman of Quest of the Keys, so we travel to events together and also hang out as friends. I have learned many helpful lessons from Tim.


Life Lessons I Learned from Marine Colonel Tim Cole


1. Encouragement is Something Everyone Needs

I like to consider myself as an encourager, but compared to Tim, I am a lightweight! I have watched Tim relate to a 13-year-old or a leader over a billion-dollar company.


Encouragement is something we all can do.


Look for ways to encourage others.


2. Ask Good Questions

Tim is a master at asking good questions.


Become “other” focused.

Listen well.


3. Connecting is More Important than Communicating

Tim has a way of finding a connection with others. One example is having dinner with my Mom; what could they possibly have in common? After talking for a few minutes, Tim realized they both had worn glasses at early ages and in the last few years had cataract surgery.


We all communicate, but we don’t all connect.


Communicating is from the head; connecting is from the heart.


Connecting is sharing an experience.


4. Don’t Play Up Your Accomplishments

I learned things about Tim from what others asked more than what he shared with me; such as he is a full bird Colonel. He handled the logistics in theater for over 60,000 warriors and was a point person for President Obama’s first inauguration.


Let others ask you questions.


If you are good, you don’t have to tell people you are good.


I am so grateful for my good friend Colonel Tim Cole.
Keep leading well!


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