No Buffer, Plan to Suffer

by | Mar 5, 2022 | Article

The lack of advance planning and last-minute execution gives no margin or buffer. My experience tells me – No Buffer, Plan to Suffer.


Why do we need a Buffer?


  • It leaves room for the unexpected. Many times, the unexpected happens when we least expect it.

  • In most endeavors there are many unforeseen possibilities: supply line issues, shortages, weather delays, illnesses, etc. The wise person plans ahead and has contingencies for the unpredictable.


Tips on Creating a Buffer

1.  Use extreme preparation.

Jim Collins studied 20,400 companies and found the companies that executed the most successfully used extreme preparation.



2.  Add a 50% buffer to your time estimate.



3.  Conduct scenario planning.

Ask: What risks do we face, and where are those risks?



4.  Accept reality. We can never fully anticipate every scenario or eventuality.



Here is my challenge to you; start creating a buffer. Follow the tips I shared, and you will be ready the next time something unexpected happens.


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