Putting Paperwork before “Peoplework”

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Relationships

Both paperwork and peoplework are important. However, paperwork should be a means to the end. The end is peoplework!

Signs of a Paper Pusher

  • Consider people as interruptions.

  • Tend to run over people (insensitive).

  • Not good listeners. 

  • Impatient, tend to say, “Out with it.”

Ways to Improve Your Peoplework

  • See people as an opportunity, not an interruption. 

  • See people as your priority.

  • Look for the good in others.

  • Find ways to encourage and celebrate.

Put Action into Peoplework 

  • Encourage someone this week.

  • Focus on being a good listener. 

  • Go the extra mile to serve someone

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