Entering The Shark Tank

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Personal Development

One of my favorite television shows is Shark Tank.

In the world you live, what would be some examples of “Shark Tanks?”

For me, a few examples include meeting with my banker, my book publisher, a potential client, an event planner, or one of my boards.


Nine Essentials as you enter your Shark Tanks

  • Be passionate! Passion is contagious, and others need to see the passion in you.

  • Be prepared. Shooting from the hip can lead to shooting off your foot.

  • Know the numbers. Be knowledgeable about all the key metrics.

  • Listen and do not be defensive. It is hard to listen if you are doing all the talking.

  • Have a good track record. Without proven experience, you may not be ready.

  • Be a disciplined communicator. Decide what they need to hear and say it.

  • Remember, investors buy into people as much as ideas.

  • Get something valuable besides money. Wisdom and feedback are invaluable.

  • More sharks are better than one. You cannot get enough good advisors.

Review this list the next time you are making a presentation, asking for a loan, going for an interview, or anytime you feel like you are entering the Shark Tank!


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