Sizing Up Leaders; 5 Questions to Ask

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Leadership

What determines whether a leader is strong or weak? Asking these questions may give you the answer!


1.  Does the leader have growth potential?

A.  Are they the real deal? You can’t reach your potential trying to be someone else.

B.  Do they play to their strengths?

C.  Are they a committed life-long learner?

D.  Are they coachable?

2.  Can the leader produce results?

The best way to find out if they can produce results is to see if they already have a track record of success.

3.  Will the leader add value to the team?

A.  Can they be a Force Multiplier?

B.  Do their gifts/strengths match up to a need within the team?


4.  Does the leader positively influence others? 

The saying goes, “Leadership is Influence” – I would change that to “Leadership is being a positive influence.”


5.  Is the leader a Multiplier (Developer)

A.  Do they attract top talent?

B.  Can they extend the capabilities of others?

Harry Firestone said, “The most important work of a leader is to grow and develop others.”


Ask yourself these questions; what kind of leader are you?




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