Sizing Up Leaders

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Leadership, Personal Development

No organization ever has enough good leaders.

As part of my “Life on a 3 X 5,” I write out my three Points of Passion. Developing leaders is on my list because I know the importance of good leaders. 

As I size up leaders, here are the 5 Questions I ask:

1.  Do they have growth potential?

2.  Can they produce results?

3.  Will they add value to the team?

4.  Do they positively influence others?

5.  Do they have the ability to develop others?

There seems to be a short supply of good leaders today. However, you can use these five questions the next time you are considering a candidate. 

Also, if you want to become a leader, look at these questions for yourself.

One last thing, all leadership begins with leading yourself well. That is why I created “Life on a 3 X 5” to help people lead themselves to make a greater impact on the world.


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