Speed versus Velocity

by | Jul 23, 2022 | Personal Development, Priorities

Some people think speed and velocity have the same meaning. However, they are quite different.


Speed is the distance traveled over time. Velocity measures the speed and is direction aware.


Speed is one dimensional. Velocity is multiple dimensional. So why do you think this information is important?


Here is an example: I live in North Dallas, 20 minutes away from the DFW airport. If I want to get from Dallas to Los Angeles, speed alone won’t get me there. Why? Speed is flying circles around Dallas. Velocity is getting on a direct flight from DFW to LAX.


Now let’s think about speed and velocity in the context of work.

Speed is doing mindless tasks with no clear direction. You are busy but not very productive.


Ways to Increase Velocity


1.  Eliminate unproductive tasks

2.  Ruthlessly guard against distractions

3.  Have a clear destination (target) in mind


Watch your earning power soar when you increase your velocity at work.


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