Thanksgiving- Embracing Thanks and Giving

by | Nov 18, 2023 | Holidays, Priorities, Relationships, Video

You might watch this video or read this blog around the Thanksgiving holidays. Recently I was struck by the two words that form “Thanksgiving,” thanks and giving. Those are two powerful words.

Thanks is an expression of gratitude or appreciation.

Giving is voluntarily providing or offering something to someone without expecting anything in return.

What if we lived each day with a thankful heart and a giving spirit? How might that change the way we view life?

Our world could look like this: 

  • We wouldn’t take people for granted. 
  • We would find ways to express our gratitude and appreciation to others.
  • We would see each day as a gift.
  • We would give our talent, time, and treasure to bless others.
  • We would be grateful for what we have.

Who is it that you need to let know how grateful you are for them? Who do you need to give to today?

I am grateful for you! 

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