The 3 R’s of Leadership

by | May 5, 2020 | Article

These skills are important if you want to be a successful leader.  To be able to lead others, you must lead yourself well.


Max DePree states that the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. This means taking a hard look at your current situation to see where you are. Looking at your health, finances, and relationships are helpful. Also, take a look at your leadership. How well are you leading the people you are responsible for? Are they willing to follow you?


Responsibility is the combination of two words “response” and “ability.” Responsibility is the ability to choose our response no matter our circumstances.  There is only one person responsible for your quality of life; you!  Stop making excuses and take personal responsibility for your attitude, choices, actions, and experience.  You can be successful when you take ownership of your actions and results.  An irresponsible person is unable to take ownership of his response and tends to blame others or circumstances.  Remember that you have control of your attitude and the way you respond.


 Leadership requires tremendous resolve.  You need resolve to have the courage to make tough decisions, exhibit commitment when it gets hard, and conviction when others don’t agree with your decisions.

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