The 5-4-1 Rules For Parents

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Article


Summer is ending, and school is starting again. Now is the perfect time for parents to step up their leadership at home.  Here are some simple rules to follow.


Five Rules For Kids To Follow:

Remind your children of the purpose of school and to make learning a priority.

Teach them about authority at home and school.

Encourage your children to be kind to everyone and to make friends.

Limit social media and technology.

Teach responsibility using chores and homework.

Four Rules For Parents To Follow:

Set a good example. (language, kindness, truthfulness, habits)

Ask kids questions daily about their day. Be positive and specific.

Have at least 3 family dinners each week.  No television and no technology; just food and good conversation.

Mom and Dad have a date night a week.


The #1 rule to follow is to always nurture and protect your
relationship with your kids. 

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