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The most effective leaders “speak the truth in love.”


What Does Caring Candor Look Like?


1. Having Good Relationships with Other Team Members


A.  Build TRUST with team members.

B.  Focus on LISTENING well.

C.  Express EMPATHY when appropriate.

D.  Truly CARE for your team members.

E.  Have their BACK; no BACKSTABBING allowed.



2. Challenging Team Members Directly 


A.  BELIEVE in them enough to stretch them.

B.  Clarify the EXPECTATIONS.

C.  Don’t tolerate bad ATTITUDE or bad BEHAVIOR.

D.  Face to face is the BEST.



3. Making Feedback the Norm


A.   A coach’s job is to give FEEDBACK.

B.   A team member should expect to be COACHED.


C.   Give SPECIFIC and TIMELY feedback. 


D.   The leader should not only GIVE feedback but RECEIVE it. 


E.    Practice HIP Feedback:



In person

Public praise
Private criticism
Not Personalized 



4. Helping Team Members Achieve Their Fullest Potential 


A. Map out growth trajectory.

B. Address gaps in skills needed.

C. Make sure their job fits their skills and personality.



5. Achieving Results

A. Regular One on One’s

     1. Team member’s agenda
     2. Listen
     3. Ask questions
     4. Clarify
     5. Make decisions
     6. Learn and repeat  

B. Collaborate with others

C. Alignment to mission, vision and goals

D. Scotty’s 5 E’s to Execution

     1. Engagement
     2. Explanation
     3. Expectations
     4. Empower
     5. Evaluation

One of the most compassionate things you can do for a struggling team member is to provide caring candor.


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