The Disciplines of Durability

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Personal Development

Let’s face it; at times, life can be tough. But when life gets tough, you have to be strong. I have found that most great successes come after a series of setbacks, failures and loss. The problem is that most people give up before success comes.


Here are 4 Disciplines of Durability:


1. Endure No Matter What Comes At You 

Don’t listen to criticism or cynics.


2. Stand Firm 

Stand Firm when someone attacks you.


Stand Firm when you are tempted to cheat.


Stand Firm when a crisis comes, and everyone else is losing their heads.


3. Stay True to What You Believe

Stay True to your values, your mission.


Don’t compromise to make an extra buck.


4. Remain Teachable

No matter your SUCCESS, don’t become arrogant or cocky. Pride will bring about a fall. 


Never stop learning new things; if you do, the world will pass you by.


Life can be tough, but you can endure. Begin by practicing these four disciplines today.

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